How to create your free online store easily

February 5th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

There are many ways through which the user can create his online store free of cost. As selling products online these days is one of the easiest ways to extend the customer base or expand the existing business. If the user is looking for simple, easy and free way to create an online store without spending hours into coding or development of the store, then he must make use of the internet to find one particular web builder that can fulfil his requirement.

Before starting the work on any e-commerce site or online store the user must know what is required to be included in the store.

Following are the things mentioned in points that need to be considered before creating an online store.

  • High-Quality Images and payment method

If you have done any online shopping, you must have noticed the high-quality professional image of the products with zoom able capabilities available on the e-commerce sites. These images help the visitors to identify the product in a right way. The image must be original and  easy to view or download. In addition to this, the store must include a web shop and other e-commerce functionalities.

  • Social Networking Tools

Social networks are termed as the lifeline of any business nowadays. Social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. can establish users’ business or product as a fire of forest. The curiosity and flexibility of customers to share the item or product they’ve purchased with their dear ones or friends also prove beneficial to the user with these social networking websites.

·         Making the transition of an online store to the Mobile Web

There are a number of methods that are most suitable for online store as well as for mobile website development. These methods are dependant on the user organization’s or his particular requirements; in some cases it makes sense for the mobile website to be dynamically generated based upon user existing desktop site; whereas in other cases users want a mobile site that can be managed independently. Whatever the case, web builders can help user to evaluate this option and make an informed transition to a successful mobile web presence.

  • Distribution of monthly newsletter

Previous records and theory by many business analysts have shown that businesses or organizations that keep all their customers in tune with their specials or newest products usually experience a higher amount of repeat sales than outlets or physical stores. Instead of hiring an additional company or freelancer to handle the email marketing aspect of the business, consistent distribution of newsletters allows user to update the customers with new products and services offered by him.

  • Accurate inventory management

The web builder helps the user in keeping a real-time record of the number of products or items that the user had included in his stock, rapidly alerting is also possible if supply is running low.

  • Create a relevant fan club having selected and genuine members

Similar to the social networking media, lovers of products that user frequently offers, can join the electronic Fan Club. These fans will receive a monthly newsletter and coupons.

  • Regular coupon distribution

This service gives users the facility to distribute emails, coupons or feedback request to his potential customers or fan club members.

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