How to Create Your Own Website- a Beginner’s Guide

March 25th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

A website is a valuable tool whether it is used for sharing the opinions, pictures, products or to promote the business. The online web builder makes it easy for the business owners as well as for any individual to create a website without acquiring any technical knowledge.

A website can increase the customer base and audience, but one has to keep in mind the following things while creating a website:

  • Selecting the suitable domain name

The domain name represents the identity of the business or individual on the internet. It must reflect the type of the products and services offered by the website. The domain name can be obtained from any reputable registration company. It should be simple and easy to remember. The online web builder like Web Start Today is offering the domain names at a very reasonable price.

  • A hosting account

The hosting account is an intermediary platform that allows the domain pages to be visible on the World Wide Web. The online web builders also offer the hosting service to its clients at a very reasonable price or for free. The hosting company must allow the website owner to upgrade the hosting plan as per the requirement.

  • FTP Software

The next step in building a website is to get the means that helps in transferring the files to and from the hosting company; it is known File Transfer Protocol.

  • A web editor

At this stage one can start building the website but before flexing the creative instincts, a web editor is required. The feature of web editing is offered by various online web builders to make the website building an easy task for the individual.

  • Designing and developing web pages

As the website owner is creating the website on his own, so he is well aware of the highlights of his work or business and he also knows the best way to attract the audience or customers. As we all know that the first impression is the last impression so it is essential for the website owner to spend time in perfecting the final design of the website. It is important to remember that the quality of the website reflects the quality of the products and services it offers.

  • A quality content

It is very essential for a website to have a good quality and original written content in order to hold the viewer’s attention. The basic things like spelling and grammar should be checked carefully.

After the website owner is satisfied with the finished product then publishing the pages on the web is a simple task with FTP software. Having a web presence is not essential in today’s world as there is a considerable amount of effort that is required to be made in order to rank the website higher on the search engine like the traffic generation techniques and SEO optimization techniques, but it is essentially akin to establish and promote the business or any type of work in the real world for growth.

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