How to Design Your Photography Website for having a successful Business

April 16th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

For a professional photographer, it is of utmost importance to add the clients through the website. An effectively designed website can help the photographer to get new clients every day. But before proceeding further it is essential for a photographer to know about the features of an impressive and effective website.

  • Choosing an attractive and relevant domain name

Selecting the best and relevant domain name for the photography website is the first and the most essential step. It must not contain difficult and strange spellings. It is believed that the shorter the better. The domain name must reflect the type of the business and the purpose of the website. Various online web builders like web start today are selling the domain names at very reasonable prices.

  • Optimizing the site for keywords

Another feature that is very essential for the photography website is, the web pages of the site must be optimized for the keywords. This helps in raising the rank of the website on the search engine and making the content of the website search engine friendly. It is very necessary to find the potential terms that must be used by the visitors to find the particular service or product related to photography on the World Wide Web. The keywords can be used in different parts of the website like in the page title, domain name, page url, first and last paragraphs etc.

  • Professional layout

The look and layout of the website must be professional enough to attract the visitors to the website. The photography website should contain images that are easy to load or download. The links present on the photography website must be easily navigable to make it easy for the visitor to visit and study each and every aspect of the website in minimum time. If the links are not placed properly on the website then the visitor can move on to the next site and never visits again.

  • Call to action

It is very important for a photographer to make sure that every page must have a call to action. This means that the purpose of every page and website should be clear enough, and does not require much time of the visitor to understand the same.

  • Best sample work

The photographer must include the best work on his website to impress the potential clients or customers. The sample work should be trendy and must be updated from time to time. Online web builders allow the photographers to keep their website updated and add new work samples regularly. This not only helps in creating a demand for the work of the photographer but also increases the visibility of the website on the search engines.

  • SEO friendly content

The website of the photographer is based on the images and photos of his work, but still there is some content on the website like the description of the photos and about us page, services, etc. The content on the website must be SEO friendly to raise the rank of the website on the search engine.

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