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December 11th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

So you want to showcase yourself and your talent. You want something that is available all the time and something that you can show to prospective clients and employers. Traditionally, depending on your profession and skills, you would either have a hardcopy of your portfolio or a CD that you created. Of course, the only way these could be showcased is if are called for an interview or personally visit prospective clients. This is not an ideal situation because today, people have busy lives and do not have the time to pursue hardcopies of go through an entire CD. They want things that are speedy and quick to access from anywhere. Additionally, today people want to do a background search about you before they even think of hiring you. As a result, you lose out on many potential jobs and contracts.

One of the easiest ways of rectifying this is to create an online portfolio. Being online, this portfolio can be accessed by anyone at any time. If it is well presented, showcases your skills, and is easy to load, then you might even get publicity with minimal cost and effort. But isn’t creating an online portfolio expensive?

Actually, there are plenty of builders that offer you to build a free business website. In addition to offering a free website, these builders also allow you to select and customize the design of your site. The availability of easy to use content management tools ensure that you can create and maintain your portfolio without expert help. Let’s take a look at how to evaluate the options to build a free business website.

  1. What exactly is free? The first thing you need to check is what exactly is being offered for free. Is it a shared domain that is free only for the first 15 days? Are the templates offered with the website outdated, jaded, too simple, or clash with the image you want to project? Do essential features like 24 by 7 maintenance or customer support need to be paid for? The answer to these questions would help you weed out the builders that are simply not worth your time.
  2. What do the reviews say? The next thing you need to check for is to determine what other people are saying for your chosen builder. There would always be naysayers and people would have personal problems but if the consistent feedback is that the servers crash frequently or that the additional features throw errors, stay away from the builder.
  3. Which one has a free package that will suit you the best? After shortlisting the builders that are acceptable, you need to compare the features provided by each. Check the free templates provided by the shortlisted builders. Also check how easy it is to use their content development tool. It is also a good idea to determine the quality of technical support, additional features, and the payment plan. The answers to these questions would help you build free business websites that are the best for you.
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