How to get a website to appear on Google’s result page

March 31st, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Google is a highly popular and the biggest search engine. It is important for a website to rank high in search engines. If the website is new, its first requirement is attracting a high volume of traffic. The website owner can aim for the profit, but gathering the specific audience that is willing to spend on the products and services offered is the most important task of the website.

This task can only be achieved by increasing the visibility of the website on the Google search engine. The most important question that arises in the mind of the business owners while creating a website is how to get the website appear on google? This question can be answered in the following way:

  • Keep the website simple

To make the website search engine friendly it is important keep it simple with informative and relevant content. The website with a stunning flash animated introduction page goes unnoticed by the search engine if the graphic images do not contain any kind of text information about the content of the images. The website must be easy to navigate and all the links to the pages must be present on the home page which makes it easy for the visitors of the website to understand the purpose of the website. The titles of every page must be simple, clear and clutter free.

  • Fresh and exciting content

The online website builders allow the business or website owners to edit and update the website regularly from anywhere. The content of the website must be exciting enough to keep the visitor engaged and encourage him to get converted into the permanent customer. If the content is updated regularly with essential information, the chances of getting the repeat visitors on the site increases. Also, it helps getting a higher rank of the web page in the google search results.

  • Finding keywords

The online builders like Web Start Today has made it possible for the business owners to create their own website in an easy way. So, while creating a website the business owner must think of a keyword that is searched by the customers on google search. The google is offering various tools, but google’s keyword is the most popular tool. One can also check the amount of competition for the particular keyword, which means the less competition the higher  rank.

  • Create links

To get the website appear on the google, it is important that it must be visited by the visitors frequently. The website owner can add the links to his website on various other websites. This helps the website in getting more and more visitors. The visitor is redirected to the site when he clicks on the link given on the other websites.

  • Adding the articles and blogs

By adding well written blogs and articles related to the products and services offered by the website, site owner can increase the customer base as well as the google ranking of the website. With the help of online web builders, the website owner can edit or add new articles and blogs on the website.

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