How to get the website on Google

April 15th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

How to get the website on Google is another way of asking the question, how to attract more and more traffic to the website. Getting more traffic to the site simply means that more and more people are viewing the site on a daily basis. It also means that the site is search engine optimized.

It is not so difficult these days; one can easily create his site in few minutes with the help of online web builders like web start today. These online web builders also allow its users to make their website SEO optimized. If done correctly, one can have his site on Google in three days or less.

  • Doing the Basics correctly

It is important for the website owner to do the basics correctly. One of the most important content of the basics is content. The website must contain meaningful and good quality content that the people are searching for. It must not contain broken links and the website must be tested properly before publishing it on the web. An XML site map should be created by signing up with Google webmaster tools. Some online web builders provide the facility of CMS (content management system) to its customers for managing the content of their websites.

  • Optimizing the site

To get a higher rank on the Google, it is essential to have an SEO friendly website. This can be done by simply adding the keywords that are highly targeted. Using these keywords correctly can optimize the site for the search engines. These days the online web builders are also offering the services of search engine optimization for the ease of their customers.

The other places for targeting the keywords are in the Meta tags. These are the concealed descriptor that appears at the starting of the HTML language found inside the Tag. These tags are not visible to the website visitors but these are exactly what the search engine spiders’ looks for.

  • High quality back links

In this world of competition, having an online presence on Google is not enough. It has become essential to have a high rank website that appears on the first page or on the top of the Google search. The higher the rank of the website on Google, the more traffic is received. The quality of the traffic visiting the website is also important and how many trafficked websites are linked to the website which also known as “back links” are also important.

The websites are created to gather a large audience and traffic. It not only gives credibility to the website, but also increases the popularity and profitability of the business. Being identified as a reliable website by the Google was not an easy task earlier, but online web builders have made it possible for any person with little knowledge of computer. It does not require any technical expertise to create and manage the website through online website builders like web start today. One can easily create the SEO friendly website in few minutes by following few simple steps.

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