How to make a business website without using a single line of code

January 21st, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

These days it is important for every businessman to have an online presence. Most of the individuals who have just started their business know that web presence is the key to make the business successful globally. Without a website it has become difficult to gain the success nowadays.


Some of the facts about websites

  • Website developments were used to be boring and confusing task earlier, but with the help of westarttoday it has become fun and interesting to create a website.
  • Earlier the websites were created by the professionals called programmers, but now this website builder has made it possible even for a non technical person to create a website with a professional look in minutes.
  • The website is all about the creativity in the mind of the designer and the knowledge, but the tools offered by the webstarttoday have made it possible for the common man to design a website using his own creativity and without any technical expertise.
  • Few times back the website was created just to provide information to the online users, but nowadays it is not less than catalogs.


The business website can be created in three simple steps without using a single line of code.

  • Creating the website on webstarttoday

First of all it is important to design a website according to the requirement of the business and one can easily create it by selecting the design templates and the themes offered by the website builder. These templates are easily customizable to meet the business needs.

  • Selecting the domain name

A domain name is the address of the website. It is similar to the name of the company and performs the same function on the internet i.e represents the business and presenting it to the customers and the visitors. It is important to select the domain name  that attracts the attention of the visitors, not so expensive, short, simple and can be easily remembered.

  • Choosing the best web hosting

The web hosting allows the website to be viewed by the maximum number of the users all around the world. It helps in the expansion and the growth of the business. It is important to choose that service which provides the best technical support, speed, disk space, bandwidth, security customer service. The web host should be reliable and cost effective.


The whole procedure does not require any kind of degree in the programming language. It does not matter if the user does not know even a single line of code. The website builder tools offer the CMS that allows the user to create a website by just clicking the buttons and using the tools. The user can easily create, design and manage the web pages on his own.


The CMS not only give the websites an interactive look and functionality, but also allows them to create an online presence with a little and basic computer knowledge. It is easy to create and customize the website initially, but there is no limit how far one can take it.


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