How to make a free business website within 15 minutes

January 23rd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

In todays world it is very important to have a business website. The website is the great way of providing information about your products and services and at the same time one can also promote the products by offering various promotional schemes and coupons. Earlier the business owners were not interested in having the website just because they were not aware of the benefits and also creating the website was quite a difficult task but now it has become easy and time saving as the business owner can create a website on his own and with in no time.


The information required to create a free business website in just 15 minutes is:-

Using the website builder for creating a website is the best and the easiest way that one can opt for. It is a computer program that allows the user to create a website without having much knowledge about the programming language and web designing. Some website builders also provide the facility of drag and drop to its users, one can simply drag the text box or background on the web page.

Following are the steps for creating the business website in just 15 minutes

  • The first and the foremost step is to create an account on any of the free website builder website.
  • After creating the website, the next step is to select “Create new site” and then selecting the template that best suits to the user. The user can also create the site from the scratch.
  • The user can always customize the template according to his requirement. By adding the images, videos and text he can make an interesting website that can attract more and more users to his website. The most important part that is to be included in the website is the  home page, about us page and the contact information. To get more idea one can also go through the competitor’s website.
  • The color scheme plays an important role in the popularity of the website and if the website is attractive and readable then the users stay longer on the website. It is important to change the color and text of the website to match the business requirement and logo design.
  • Once the website is created according to the need and requirement of the user, the next step is to purchase the domain name for the website. If the user does not want to buy the domain name, then he can also use the domain name that has been generated by the website builder.

These were the simple steps to be followed for creating the website in a few minutes. The user gets to know all these steps when he logs on to the website builder website.  The exciting part of creating the website on your own is that one can add as much detail as required. It completely depends upon the user to spend minutes or hours in creating the website with his own creativity.

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