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January 20th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

There was a time when people had leisure time. They had the time to have breakfast at home and spend time with the family after work. But times have changed and in today’s economy, people have to travel far and wide to get to their respective workplaces. As a result, people have to struggle to make time for their families and activities such as browsing the Internet, even for essentials, needs to be done while travelling via their mobiles. This has made it essential to create a site that can easily be opened from the laptop or computer or from a mobile phone or a tablet. Therefore, if you want to use a website builder, you need to choose one that makes your pages mobile friendly.

Let’s take a look at the features of the best mobile website builder.

Templates: One of the essential components of being mobile friendly is that pages should be easy to load. But that doesn’t mean that the pages should look plain either.  That is why a good website builder should provide a wide variety of different and unique templates. These templates should offer something to almost each industry and should be customizable. Unless the templates a varied and customizable, you would end up with a site that is the same as hundreds and thousands of other sites created using that particular development environment. And of course, as an environment for creating mobile-friendly sites, the templates should be light and easy to load. This will ensure that your cybershop doesn’t take ages to load on someone’s cell phone.

Richness of features: Like any other site, one that can open in cells should also be rich in features. It should present visitors with the same experience as a site that opens in a desktop or a laptop. Lack of basic features is not something any visitor will appreciate, leading dissatisfied visitors and bad publicity. As a result, you need to select a website builder that presents you the opportunity to add something more than About Us and Contact Us links to your pages. Features such as menus, informational pages, newsletter feeds, SEO-friendliness, site maps, and the ability to add the site to Google Analytics should be available. These features ensure that you receive popularity by providing the same experience as laptop or desktop users and are also able to analyze visitor data to determine if a strategy change is required.

Technical support: People agree that even the best features do suffer from downtime. Though the downtime might be infrequent, it is still present and something that no visitor expects. In fact, there was a public uproar when some popular pages went offline for 5 minutes. That is why any website builder you select should offer 24 hour monitoring and round the clock technical support. Of course, the technical support team should also be easily accessible so that you are able to sort out any technical difficulties as and when they occur.

Combined, these features will help you search for and select a website builder that helps you design and develop awesome mobile websites.

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