How to make a Mobile website

January 22nd, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

With the increase in the number of mobile users, the mobile websites have become essential. Mobile website builder helps a person to create a website from scratch that can be used with ease in any mobile devices like phones and tablets. The age old websites are stand alone that have the perfect alignment and ease of navigation on desktops and laptops but once they are used on mobile devices, their alignment goes awry and navigation and usage becomes impossible. Due to the difficulty in use of such websites, the loyalty of the customers decrease since the usage is more on mobile website these days than on desktops.


Advantages of having a mobile website

A mobile website builder can be used to create a responsive website from scratch or if a person already has a standalone website, one can also convert it into a mobile website. The advantages of having a mobile website include the following


  • Enhance the experience of the customers: Many websites are not yet designed to be used on smaller screens. When the website is optimized to be viewed and used on a mobile device, it enhances the experience for the mobile website customers.
  • Increase in the customer group: With the increase of the mobile internet usage, it is estimated that the mobile users by far exceed the desktop users. Hence, when the website is built for a mobile device using a mobile website builder, the website results in being mobile friendly and hence user friendly. It helps to reach the customers proactively in the age where consumers are using the mobile devices for enquiry into business information.
  • Ahead of the competition: When the number of mobile friendly business website is less and the mobile business enquiries are more, it definitely pays to have a mobile friendly website. The great looking site with ease of use on the mobile is what the users will want to look up again and again and this will definitely increase the loyalty of the customers.

Steps to convert your existing stand alone website into a mobile website

The mobile website builder also helps to convert ones existing website into mobile friendly instead of building another website from scratch. There are a few simple steps to convert the website

  • To start building the new mobile website, enter the current URL of the stand alone website.
  • Choose the new template from the mobile website builder.
  • Customize the selected template to create your own unique look and feel
  • Select the mobile features required for your website from the list in the mobile website builder like click to call, SMS for business information, maps etc.
  • And all that is left to be done is to publish your new mobile website.

And with just these simple steps, you can create your own mobile friendly website which can be enjoyed by your customers on any device with ease of use and without any compromise on any functionality. Creating your own unique mobile website without any technical knowledge could not have been easier.

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