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What is HTML5?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language and it is a revised version of the previous HTML standard, which was created in the year 1990 by World Wide Web association. HTML is a language used to define an Open Web Platform and for structuring or consistently presenting content on the web, across different web browsers. HTML5 is the development of the standard to meet the growing demands offered by today’s rich media, to cross mobile internet access necessities. It is really a great candidate for the development of cross-platform mobile application, like Smart Phones and Tablets. Most important whilst running within a web browser, HTML5 does not tie to the underlying operating system, releasing applications for the major development and support of multiple native applications (e.g. Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.)

How HTML5 matter for eCommerce

HTML5 plays an important role in online business as well, eCommerce website created with HTML5 allows both the seller and buyer to continue their business on mobiles, tablets or on other handheld devices. HTML5 web store helps the customer to find their required products on their mobile phone with any type of layout or screen resolution. Following are the branches or eCommerce where HTML5 is used to enhance the functionality of web shop or eCommerce:

  • Retail: Shopping through mobile is growing day by day, but the question here is whether consumers really demand for native apps or get satisfied with browsers. Research for online retail, suggests: “across all demographics, near about 87 percent of people prefer shopping via mobile sites and websites; compared to just 4 per cent that prefer to use mobile apps.”

According to Flurry’s research, mobile shopping through apps is just a part of the 5% of time spent on the “other” category.

  • Paid content: Definitely magazine and news content are accepted by the tablet owners, right? According to the research, theory of Pew, tablet owners are thrice likely to access news through mobile web browsers as apps, and Smartphone owners twice as likely.
  • Gaming: If user develops games, Smartphone and tablet apps, then theses are not accessories, they are his products. 43% of time spent on mobile apps are represented by the game. However HTML5 is a workable and possible strategy for the major game developers.
  • Social networks: Time spent on social networking websites is 26% only. But it has been admitted by the Facebook owners that it gets more visits  through its iOS and Android apps .


Using HTML5

  • FireFox is HTML5 compatible
  • Chrome has its own Web Store in HTML5
  • Disney games use HTML5
  • Support by Pandora for flash is dropped and favors HTML5
  • Adobe now uses HTML5 in Development of mobile devices and stops using flash
  • Flickr uses a new HTML5 up-loader

HTML5 also offers responsive eCommerce web designs with metro style that are designed for all kind eCommerce websites. These website designs come with 3 indexes variant and twitter bootstrap 3.

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