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January 31st, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Not professional designer is behind the creation of every website. Depending upon the reasons for having a website, one can find a free website service. Only a single sign up is enough for creating a website. There are many people who criticize the sites, offering free website building and they do so because some site charges thousands of dollars for creating a website. At the beginning the earlier versions which were decidedly unimpressive and quite bare bones. Nowadays, there is quite a number of better free website building sites, proficient in crafting and an outstanding website.

Therefore, whenever someone wishes to create his own free website to promote a hobby, to start a small business, or for general interest site he can easily do so by simply registering with free website builders. These are free website service providers and can also help in creating a website which never fails to impress. Even those people with less on no experience in website creating will find it possible without applying much effort.

Here are some of the easy steps that assist the users in creating a unique and modern website. Sign up with a free website builder, and just follow these easy steps to have a free website.

STEP 1: Select a name for your website and your domain; this will be the sites name so it can be anything that the user wants.

STEP 2: Fill it with quality and informative content. User can write his own content or use pre-written content from free content directories which is freely available. The user will see a Text icon in the Toolbar it’s easy to just drag and drop it where he wants to place the text.

STEP 3: Add images and videos. It will be little harder but attract the visitors. Simply drag the picture icon and place as per the requirement. While dropping it, the user will be promoted to browse his computer and upload the image.

For a live or latest video, the user can create a YouTube account and make his own playlist. User can create his own video player in any color and size. After that at YouTube press the get code button and copy the code. Go back at free website, and drop the HTML code in icon, this will open a new box and press OK. Now the website has pictures, contents and videos as well.

STEP 4: Sign up for Google Adsense and follow the simple steps to get ad code, this is free to use. Copy the code and get back to free Website. Again drag and drop either the HTML icon or Google icon, simply paste the code and press OK. Now website is ready and user can make some money from visitors.

STEP 5: In the last but not the least step, choose an available domain name or purchase, as it comes at very reasonable rates and press the publish button. Here it is your own Free Website.

If the user wants a well established and high online reputation, then it is better to register with a good website builder, because it provides all business solution to all types of business houses.

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