How to Make Restaurant Online Ordering Mobile-Friendly website

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Integration has been the key word in most successful businesses today. From the concept of malls, the one-stop shop and leisure spot, to theme parks, the more number of services you incorporate in a business, the more chances of success you will have.

Need we say more about the Internet?

The diversity of brands promoted through the internet, and the countless variety of services available at the tip of your finger, has been the constant challenge when it comes to reaching a brand’s market. It is foolishness to neglect this vital truth about the internet: it works.

Online Ordering

Customers will not wait for a call on hold or for their turn in a really long line. After all, restaurants are acquainted with the fact that delivering food at the fastest time possible is one of the keys to a customer’s happy heart.

How to Make Online Ordering Mobile-Friendly Website for Restaurants

Step 1: Build the site.

You have two options for this.

a.  Build it yourself – have the necessary skills and knowledge to build a system, a web page that could synchronize orders online, orders through phone, and the customers in the restaurant.

This could take time and money.

b.  Choose among the trusted developers who do this. It takes less of your time and you need not worry about the details. Everything will be made ready for you.

Step 2: Details

Before setting up, you need to double check on what is in your web page:

  1. Easy Navigation
  • Texts are large enough.
  • Keyword names for your menu.
  • Easy Access – buttons are easy to tap.
  • Inviting pictures.

Step 3: The Menu

Of course, this will be the feature of your page. As detailed as you are with the printed menu, the online menu should be set up with much brainstorming. Customers will not be able to interact with waiters about a certain dish. As a consequence, you have to anticipate their questions and answer it on the menu. Here are some tips:

1. Names and Pictures

It is a known fact that good food comes with interesting tags. You might want to avoid an uber-special description of a dish. Describe the food with the right amount of essential ‘spices.’

2. Price

Indicate the price in clear font and font size. Make sure you highlight the total amount the customer needs to pay.

Step 4: Other Details

1. Online payment

Give them the option to pay online. It will make the transaction faster and both the customer and the restaurant happy.

2. Click to Call

Some customers still prefer a nice conversation over the phone to a seemingly impersonal online order. It won’t hurt to provide them the number they can reach you.

3. Mobile

Besides the amount of traffic mobile users add to your website, being accessible on mobile gives you an edge. Since the internet took over services such as messaging and calls, people preferred everything to be done online.

Securing a mobile friendly website is a fool-proof strategic move. A higher search engine hit means more customers.

A website is much like having a pet. It does not stop from getting one. You have to take good care of it. Feed it with engaging content. Be updated with what it needs to be healthy and productive. Take it for long walks and promote it to as many people as possible. What about some tacos?

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