How to make your Architect website look professional

February 25th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Architects or draftsmen are the unique interactive designers and are skilled at building navigable structures. In addition to having a well focused eye, they are also expert in designing prosperous experiences for their clients.  All the creativity and innovation is in the same basket if architects designed their Web sites, as their buildings and structures.

Some of the factors that must be considered while designing a professional and informative architect website are:

  • A complete project title with appropriate tag line (multiplex, mall, housing apartment etc.)
  • Integration of 5 – 10 relevant images in JPEG (editable) format with (960 pixels wide)
  • A blog integration for collecting reviews from the visitors
  • Additional information about the project is mandatory (valuable for Google, and also for the media who want information about that specific project)
  • The complete portfolio of project team, with links to their websites
  • Basic project information like size, estimated time, budget, user resources will also be included
  • Mention of location (an architect doesn’t need to mention an exact location, but suburb or city is very important for the purpose of search engines
  • Materials suppliers and manufacturers links on the website

One can easily create an attractive looking professional website for his architect firm with the help of the website builders. He can add various things to the website that helps him to gain more and more customer base.

For an effective architect’s website:

· The design and informative content is everything

An architect must make the design, content his first and leading consideration. Never try to hide it behind many menus and sub-menus structures; in fact show it up front with best imagery. In addition to this, architect must show his plans / details / sections / sketches / future plans, etc. so that he can convey the spirit of the building or structure and the depth of his understanding about the entire building process.

· Introduce the categories thoughtfully

How an architect categorizes his work within the website, determines how visitors will find their required information. Think about using functional groupings in-addition-to/instead-of the common commercial structures, housing, malls, institutional structures, etc. If an architect is an expert in creating the house structures then he might use relevant category like bathing, sleeping, lounging etc.

· Color and Identity

Most of the architect websites use a modest black or white background for their websites – but many online web builders generally limit the use of color in the interface as they want the photos to dominate. If the architect’s ‘business id’ needs the dominant use of a particular color, then he must go for blue, brown or green – those being colors classically found in any building photos. Whatever the color scheme is, it must reflect the vision of creativity and experience.

· Sum It Up

An architect immerses himself in his Architecture world. So website must; ensure that it is built to last:

  • As well-structured and informative content, show it up front and  – don’t make it lengthy and frustrating for readers
  • Make usability according to priority
  • Make use of Adobe Flash, animation only on specific requirements – else it is better to ignore their usages.
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