How to Select a Free Business Website Creator

January 17th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

An old adage says that nothing in life is ever free and it is the reason most people are skeptical of anything that is offered for free. This is especially true for things that are offered for free over the Internet because they often turn out to be scams that want us to part with our hard earned money. This is the reason most people look at builders or creators offering to create a business website at no cost with skepticism. How likely is it that an entire site, which is no mean task, is offered for free? There should be a catch, right? Or maybe these builders or creators just want us to create a business website that is substandard so that we can buy their services and upgrade it?

Believe it or not, it is possible to create a business website. But this requires some homework and research on our part. After all, nothing is for free! Let’s take a look at the steps to create a business website.

Know what you want: Before you begin any task, especially one as important as creating a site, you need to list down your expectations. You need to list the goal and objective of the site and determine what you want to achieve. To do this, determine if you want to showcase your talent or encourage college students to listen to and buy your songs. After you have your goal ready, you can move onto the next part.

Know who you want: It is not possible to have universal appeal across all generations. It wasn’t achieved by Bill Gates and is highly unlikely for you to achieve it either. So after determining the goal and objective of your site, you need to decide who the site is targeted towards. This involves determining the age range, occupation, and likely interests of your target audience. Are they students, middle-aged people, or the elderly? Do they have regular jobs, own businesses, or study? Answers to these questions would help ensure that you are on the right track.

What are the logistics: Then you need to determine your logistics. This involves deciding how important a site is for you and knowing the amount of time you want to give the site to determine its usability. This also means deciding how much you are willing to spend on the site if it is successful and whether you would want to continue with it even if it doesn’t succeed.

Do the research: With all the background research complete, you need to research the website creators available on the Internet. Then note down the conditions for it to be no cost. Also note the various plans and the charges for each plan in case you want to use the additional features of the creator or continue using it for more than the trial period. Also note the templates, styles, graphics, and support that is available at no cost.

Map it: Finally, you need to match the available business website creators to your requirements. Consider the features available for little or no cost against the interests of the audience and the goal of the site. Also consider the time for which the site builder is available at no cost and the eventual charges against your logistics. This mapping would enable you to select a free business website creator that best suits your requirements.

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