How to Start a Professional Author website & Blog

June 5th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Many of the writers and authors initiate their journey on different famous websites on the internet, starting forums and blogs here and there, while chatting with family and friends, trying to get their voice heard. It is fine when a person is starting but when he reaches the advanced stage; he should consider buying his own website where he has the advantage of complete freedom. It is also great to have a website when a person is going to publish his first book.

Owning a personal website has countless advantages. An author can choose the best user interface for the users to have a great experience. Also, blogging on other sites, often contains advertisements which distracts many readers and fans, so a writer, having his own website can have this advantage, that he can provide a clean interface to the users free of advertisement. A professional writer should consider this if he wants to excel in this field.

Buying a Domain – A professional writer should buy his own domain. It should be original and specific. It looks much more professional and unique than using a sub domain of any other site.

Acquiring an Advanced Theme – There are countless free themes out there which can easily be used with website builders, but buying an advanced theme has an advantage that it is customizable and appears professional.

Importance of Blog –Websites with blog get more traffic than websites without a blog. Make sure you add your blog to the website. It also gives fresh content which helps in SEO.

Ensuring a good Impression – The first impression is inevitably the last impression, and a website represents the work of an author, therefore it should have a professional touch to it. All things should be considered, like, does the site appear credible, what does the site provide to the reader, etc

  • Your site should be clean and uncluttered, less is more
  • Choose colors that are easy to read accompanied by large font
  • Take into consideration the contrast between font and background
  • Provide easy navigation
  • Keep your site light and fast by avoiding heavy software like flash and animated backgrounds
  •  Consistency in elements from page to page
  • Keep your site Search Engine Optimized

Designing a Unique Logo – This is a considerably hard step for a novice but also immensely important to give the appearance of a professional website. If the logo is graphics based instead of text based, then it will be hard to design, so professional help from an expert will be a smart choice

Navigability of Website – In order to provide the best user experience for users out there, the site should be easily navigable, with a search bar to navigate through the whole website’s content. It should be easy for the users to find what they require.

Interaction with the Readers – Create interaction with the users and readers by providing clear contact information. It gives the users a touch of reliability and professionalism. Your contact info or email address should not be buried deep in the website. It should be distinctly mentioned.

Social Media – Add links in your website so that your readers can interact with you through social media.

Detailed About/Bio Page – The most visited pages on the internet are bio pages and about pages so you should keep these meaningful and brief. Your readers might want to know more about you. This is the page where you introduce yourself to them and create an image in their head about yourself.

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