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March 7th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

With the increase in the number of browsers and the devices, it has become essential to have a website that is easily accessible on all the devices. The websites nowadays should be screen compatible that means that they can be easily viewed and used on the mobile screen or on the computer. Some time ago the website that can be viewed on the mobile or Smartphone was created separately, but with this new breed of web design”Responsive design”, there is no need to spend the extra cost on creating a separate website. The responsive web design helps the person to view the same website on different screen sizes of the laptops, mobiles, Smartphones, tablets etc.

Some business owners think that creating a responsive web design for their business is quite difficult, but the online web builders has proved them wrong and allows them to create a responsive website within minutes with no technical or professional knowledge. For creating a website that is both professional and responsive it is important for the business owner to select the online web builder with best features and good services like webstarttoday.

Benefits of a responsive website

The responsive website not only helps in viewing the website on different screen sizes but also allows the increased web traffic on the website. As we all know that most of the people are using the internet to search for the products and services, the responsive web design allows them to find the particular website easily on the internet and the device does not matter in this case.

Following are the SEO benefits of a responsive website design

  • High ranking on the Search engine

The responsive design helps in getting a higher rank for the website on the search engine, as the website is viewable on all the devices.

  • No division of the link equity

If the person is having two website one for the regular web users and another for the mobile users, then he has to build two links for the website and that directly affects the marketing and popularity of the website. With the responsive design the website owner has to build only one link and this is very beneficial in terms of SEO.

  • No need of redirects

Earlier, when there were different sites for the mobile users the website owner has to redirect the visitor from the main site to the mobile site to view and use the service, but responsive web designs have eliminated this long process and made the website friendly for both the mobile or regular web users.

  • Reduction in the bound rate

In todays world of internet, the people make use of the internet mostly from the handheld devices. If the website is not formatted properly or is not supported by the device, then the visitor leaves the website with in no time. The responsive design makes  sure that the visitor is able to view the website properly and across all platforms. The visitor does not have to use zoom in or zoom out to view the responsive web design.

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