Important features to be considered while selecting ecommerce website builder

February 5th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Starting or establishing an online business or creating an online presence for the existing business has now become very essential for any type of business. One must consider these vital components that must be included in a good ecommerce website builder.

  • Web design options

Designing the web store in a creative and user friendly way is very important. The look and working of the store forms an important part of the website. It must be visually pleasing to create a great first impression on the potential buyers. The website builder must allow the user to make the modifications to the CSS and HTML templates. It must provide an easy to use interface to the users so that they can make changes in to the website without having any specific technical knowledge.

  • Able to display the product variations

The website builder must allow the user to display the product variations on the website. It must be flexible while creating these variations. For example if the website is selling shoes then the website is able to display the products variations like the colour, size and style. Some website builders allow these features only if the user is signing up for the expensive plans but this should be available to all regardless of the plans.

  • Option of Inventory control

The option of inventory control plays an important role despite of the product the user is selling on the website. An efficient inventory system is very essential to monitor the stock levels. The expected in stock date and low stock warning helps the user to check which products need restocking. Monitoring the stock manually is quite difficult so, these days the website builders are offering this facility to their users.

  • Payment processing

Selling the product is only half part of the game and the other part is when the buyer is actually interested in the product offered on the website and wants to buy it. The website building platform must allow the user to choose a wide range of the processing options like the credit cards, debit cards, online banking etc. The user must make sure that he must be paid for those sales through the merchant processing system.

  • Search engine optimization(SEO)

While creating the content for the website, it is very essential to use this technique. Most of the website builders are offering this technique to their users for the top ranking of the website on the search engine.

  • Promotional schemes and coupons

To make the website more interesting there is nothing better than the promotional schemes and offers to attract the visitors on the website. The web builders must provide the option to create and accept the schemes, coupons and promotional codes offered to the visitors.

  • Return policy and processing

If the user is selling the products on the website then it is important to have a return policy or procedure. The website builder must allow the user to create a built-in return request form on the website for the ease of the visitors

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