Important rules for creating a Non Profit Web Design with webstarttoday

February 27th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

The website is important for any organization, whether it is a profit making or non profit organization. But at the same time it is important to understand that the rules for creating the website for these two different types of organization are also different.

As the process of creating the website with the help of online web builders like webstarttoday is simple, the user of this online web builder does not require any kind of technical or professional knowledge to create the website. The non profit web design must include certain elements to walk on the path of success.

  • The Cause of the website must be visible

When a person visits the website of a nonprofit organization, the mission and cause of the website must be clearly viewed by the visitor. If the visitor is unable to understand that what he is going to support then he will leave the website in few seconds. To mention the mission and the cause of the website clearly allows the visitor on the website to become the donor or the volunteer with in no time.

  • Integration with the social media website must be on top priority

The rise in the social media websites and networking proves to be a gift for the charity or nonprofit organizations. The online web builders like webstarttoday allow their users to integrate their websites with the social networking websites. This makes the website more popular among the people within a short time period. This is the only way through which the website can be marketed without incurring any cost. It is important to directly link the nonprofit website with the social media web pages.

  • Include the images of donors, volunteers and those who have been helped

Building a strong emotional contact with the visitor on the site and turning him into the donor or supporter is quite difficult. The photographs of the active donors and volunteers can encourage the visitor to support the organization. The images of the work done by the help of people can also attract the people towards the site and helping the people who are in need. The online web builders allow the users to upload the photos of recent events on the website from time to time.

  • Highlight the links like “Donate” and “become a volunteer”

Donation is very essential for  any nonprofit organization and the website owner must highlight the links on the website like “Donate” and “Become a Volunteer” to encourage more and more people to get associated with the organization. In a non profit organization the dedication of its volunteers or members makes it a successful organization.

The web design of the nonprofit organization should be simple yet attractive. One can also attach the facility of online donations to allow the donors to make the donations to the organization with the help of the internet. Paypal is also a great way to receive the donations online. A website that is crafted with certain principles in mind can become the heart of the nonprofit organization.

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