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February 24th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Mobile versions of the websites should imitate the themes, content and colors as in the case of the main site. This will not only allow the users to access the website on their mobiles, but also assure them that they are at the same place. The actual structure of the web page needs to be different (it must be simple and clean) and most of the pages should be taken up with real content, rather than designing a white space or layout.

As a standard web page has a much larger screen, and a lot of consideration goes into having a background like using white-space to break up content, leading the viewer’s line of sight, multiple navigation options, etc. With a mobile site, the user wants same images that are a part of that content/text, but no white space, no ‘layout’ disorder and more compact navigation.

Mobile Webpage’s are not limited by their length, but with their width also. Here are some of the facts that must be considered before creating a mobile friendly website.

  • Include less white space: While creating a mobile version of the site always keep in mind that the mobile devices have really small screens, so mobile friendly website should enclose only the features necessary for instant access by the users. As a general rule, build the mobile website version and eliminate at least one or two design elements from the chosen structure to ensure that suitable quantity of white space.
  • Keep away from Pop-up Windows: Pop-ups are really a sore user experience on mobile, so try to ignore those annoying pop-up ads to maintain the brand’s image.
  • Don’t make use of flash or animation files: As pop-up ads are a bad idea on mobile sites, in the same way integration of flash animation sometime cause frustration. That is why it’s best not to integrate flash animation on mobile based websites.
  • Maintain reliable and consistent branding: Though mobile friendly website designs are available in a huge variety of colors and styles, it would be not a good idea for a website owner to make unusual and frequent changes in his business website.
  • User less and appropriate widgets and apps: As functionalities of many software’s and apps vary device to device, so the website must contain less and effective apps to integrate.
  • Allow access to full website: At last, no matter how the website is customized or built, the content on his mobile friendly website should be informative, he must make sure that it includes a backlink to his full website.
  • Check the site: After completing the website, The website owner must check his website across different screen sized devices.

It has become quite simple and easier for many Smartphones users to use the internet. According to a research report from Google, within the next ten to fifteen years near about 80 to 85 % people will start browsing on their mobiles. So user can make estimates, how important and valuable is having a mobile version of the website.

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