Is a Responsive Website Critical in 2014

May 15th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

In this competitive corporate world of today, businesses have tend to be more advance and modern as they go global to satisfy the worldwide clients. The idea is to grasp as much clients as possible by not going door to door. Rather, just knock them on their laptops, computers, etc. through the business websites. On the contrary, the clients as well feel at ease by easily browsing the websites of the services they are looking for.

Rapid Technology Advancements and ever-growing user needs:

The innovative technology of today is advancing rapidly, according to the needs and requirements of the user. The desktop computers once were a revolutionary asset of the technology users, but might not be as important for most users of today due to their needs and preferences that evolves with time. The technology of today has enabled users to carry the same things on their palm, which was once on their desktop.

The electronic gadgets such as mobile phones of today demand the standard websites to be compatible with both the web based mobile phones and desktops and laptops. The need is to have the websites on desktops and/or laptop systems to adapt automatically in order to be viewed or accessed easily on mobile applications.

Responsive Websites implication and mobile user acceptance:

Responsive websites are created primarily for mobile applications in order to make them easily visible and readable on small gadgets and mobile devices. Responsive websites enable the user to view the website as per their convenience according to the text size and content of the website. Features of responsive websites are as follows:

  • Ideally designed for smaller screens in order to easily read the text by zooming in or zooming out.
  • Responsive websites are also able to make the buttons or options on the screen to be clicked or selected more conveniently.
  • The responsive websites for mobile devices can also be customized to view, format or hide any information which otherwise was available or may be hidden on the standard website.
  • The graphics on a responsive website are also changed in order to incorporate effectively on a mobile device.
  • Any existing normal website can be upgraded to a responsive website.

Some of the limitations that a responsive website can have is about the support software which might not be able to empower the responsive website on a mobile device. An example can be taken of some responsive websites’ content that require flash application to display the content of the website. Most of the modern smart phones of today still don’t support websites which deploy flash to display its content. This thing can go down as one of the severe limitations of responsive websites. But, hopefully with the rapid growth and advancement in the technological world of today, it is highly likely that this limitation will soon be countered.

It has been estimated that 1/4th of the web users use the web just on their mobiles. Therefore, it is extremely important in 2014 for the websites to be responsive websites.

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