Is Your Business Website Responsive to Meet Google Requirements

May 15th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

The question at hand is a fairly simple one. Let us draw a picture of what is happening. Let us illuminate ourselves with some knowledge. For those of you, who still don’t know what a responsive website is, enlighten yourselves. Why don’t we include some physics in it to ease the explanation? Every action has a reaction. The particularity of the action determines the relevance of the reaction. Now we join the two pictures. A responsive website is simply one, which responds, reacts and adapts to the type of action or stimulus it receives. It has the ability to change its dimensions. It molds itself.  It modifies itself according to the situation. It’s very distinctive and precise. A point to clear is that, the action we are talking about is the type of device we use to access the website

Usability and Functionality
“One website, Countless Devices” The type of users out there are increasing day by day. A bombard of devices has been released out there. Do you want your business to excel? Now out there, aren’t only desktop users, but many more that are going to be disappointed to find your website non-responsive.  Make your web site usable and functional for all of them before their numbers increase. Desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, even phablets! All are out there! Don’t miss a customer.

Google’s Recommendation
Talking in the language of programming, a responsive website is one which contains the same set of URLs, while each URL presents the same HTML, only the CSS depends on the device used, which changed itself to adapt. This is the setting most websites should be designed, since this is Google’s recommendation. When Google speaks, everybody listens! It currently holds a whopping 67% share in the market.

Percentages and Charts
You might ask yourself, what’s the big deal about this responsive website anyway? It’s not like it’s an immensely big deal, is it? You might not need It, for your business? Well, here are some mathematical statements which can act as “food for thought”. Folks! Turn visitors into customers! Don’t disappoint.

  • It is expected that mobile web users will surpass the billion mark by 2015
  • 25% users are mobile users and 13% are tablet users
  • Mobile sales have overtaken desktop sales
  • Mobile Internet Usage is expected to surpass its desktop counterpart by 2014

    Avoid bankruptcy. Optimize your websites before complains start to roll in. Non-desktop users say;

  • 95% experienced website not intended for cell phone
  • 50% wouldn’t cooperate, if the website is not mobile friendly
  • 75% prefer mobile version

    Warning for Business
    A little heads up, if you still haven’t converted your website responsive, that might be a nifty little risky move concerning the health of your business. Only these exclusions will enable you to take the risk confidently

  • You have no competitors/parallel
  • You are sure it’s not the best choice for you
  • Your business doesn’t rely on its website

The math is in front of you. The charts, percentages have been laid out. Recommendations and requirement from the biggest company just came in. You be the judge. Decide for yourself.

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