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February 13th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Nowadays plenty of resources are there that allow the user to create his website, wiki, social community or blog, without having the knowledge of any programming language like HTML, CSS, etc.  These free website creation sites are also known as online web builders, and allow the user to easily create a site, modify or customize the existing design, use a custom URL and add content. Not only business owners but the  professionals also need a site to expand their product or sales circle. The people like doctor, architect, lawyer, etc. must have a website in order to establish their identity and also for sharing their experience.

For an architect a website is the most reliable and the original source of all content about the structural design. It should be the go to point for the media, bloggers and social media users. These free web builders offer a variety of functions that are suitable for every type of website; here are some of the major advantages of free web builders:

  • No need to learn HTML: If the user is aware of how to send or receive an email, he is good to go! By Simply entering the information and answering a few questions, he can have the website ready within 30 minutes. The user doesn’t have to go through confusing coding or complex logics, as free web builders allow the user to have a site where knowledge of coding or any computer language is not necessary.
  • Have a website without paying a single penny: Online free web builders are super affordable, and also come with many free plans and unlimited functions. Hiring an expert freelancer or consulting a web development team for designing and developing a website involves thousands of dollars and after that user has to rely on the same team for updating or maintaining the website.
  • All in one: Websites created by online web builders comes with all the web-making technique and tools. User can create and manage everything according to his profession or business on his internet browser only.

The complete Architects Media Kit from web builders

This is a pattern for collating all the detailed information the bloggers and media need to write about the projects of an architect. Web builders use this for architectural photography customers in order to get their architecturally perfect and inspiring. User or architect can use it in a couple of powerful ways like he can upload it to his site so that media can write blogs or articles about his projects right away, or  he can use it as a content or design to include on his project pages. This kit is also a very effective method of responding to media requests in quick order.

Exclusive content for Websites for Architects and loyal readers

  • The architect’s checklist for an effective and informative website.
  • The architect media kit.
  • The most simple and powerful way to get a site on top of all search engines
  • Integration of relevant images is necessary, because images are worth thousand words.
  • Timely maintenance and updating of website
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