Pointers To Design A Great An Insurance Agent Website

February 13th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

The fact couldn’t have been any clearer that if you own a business and are looking forward to promote yourself in a proper manner, you need to get online. The mind bogglingly huge competition among the insurance agencies further enhance the importance of having an insurance website. If your aims involve getting ahead of the competition with your insurance agency, you need to create a professional website. Since the insurance websites are considerably different from all other kinds of websites, certain pointers mentioned below are to be kept in mind if you are planning to build your insurance website using a website builder like Web Start Today.


The first and the foremost thing that you are required to do when launching an insurance website is to keep it as simple as you can. Your website should provide the information to the visitors in the matter of a few minutes and should be easy to navigate through. Remember that if your website is going to be overly bulked with widgets and content, you will definitely lose a potential customer.


Right at the front of your website, it is essential to mention the aspects of your insurance agency which make you different or unique from all the others. This is important since from a general visitor’s stand point, all insurance agencies are offering more or less the same thing at approximately the same price as well. Therefore, it is indispensable to explicitly inform them about the aspects of your insurance agency which are unique and beneficial to your potential customers.

Quote Tool:-

An online quote tool is probably the most important thing without which expecting your insurance website to be of use is nothing but a dream. Considering how a number of insurance websites don’t have an online quote tool, this is exactly what can distinguish you from all others. Do not forget to incorporate an online quote tool on your website with a user friendly questionnaire that doesn’t overwhelm your potential customers.

Online Query:-

Another wonderful feature that can be incorporated into your insurance website by the use of website builders like Web Start Today is an online inquiry form. More than often, your visitors are going to be confused about a certain aspect of your insurance agency and may appreciate any help from your side. In such circumstances, an online inquiry form is something that enables the visitor to have a feeling that your agency cares for its customers. Furthermore, make sure that any of their queries via the online inquiry form are answered as soon as possible. This is your best chance of gaining a customer.

While the list of such pointers which are to be kept in mind can be huge, the above mentioned are the major pointers which can help you a great deal in establishing your insurance website. If applied properly, the above mentioned tips can produce remarkably well outcomes for your insurance agency.

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