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January 29th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

There are very few things in the universe that have only advantages and uses, whereas most of the things have both advantages and disadvantages. Various web builders that offer amazing and smart techniques of creating a website have pros and cons. Here are briefly discussed pros and cons commonly found in web builders.

The Pros

  • Full control to the user: When user has his own web hosting account he has full control of his website in his hand. The domain is registered in his name and he can create a web design that he completely own.  He can also take to another hosting provider whenever he chooses to do so.
  • Affordable pricing: With these free website builders, it is really affordable and simple to own a hosting account. Most providers allow users to start off with a fledgling plan or a scheme, which allows user to host a domain name. After having a domain name established, the user can have multiple domains hosted under it, by upgrading it to the next level. Therefore the amount that user pays for domain hosting is well worth it.
  • No need of having coding knowledge: The majority of hosting providers these days provide users with a free website builder which permits him to put his website together in a couple of minutes without having any previous knowledge of coding languages like HTML, SQL, CSS, or other scripting languages.
  • Guaranteed uptime: Most consistent and well known hosting providers guarantee that the website will be up till 99.9% of the time and this is really very important, because when website is down, user won’t make any money.

The Cons

  • More technical stuff: Though hosting providers offer step by step instructions about, how to build a website, but it still gets frustrating and confusing sometime, if user has never done it before. On the other hand, if user faces any problems he can call on given numbers and they will assist him. The fact on the ground is that the user will have to learn a lot more.
  • Coding Limitation: The user is limited to the code offered by the website builder, As most of these do not work on the programming of server side, including the PHP and Java script. This is the biggest disadvantage for the web developers and non developers and these prove to be beneficial for only those users who want to create quick and easy websites.
  • Limited themes and website designs: Any website creator assures users to make the effort very easy and dependent on a quantity of web themes, designs and other sample designs. But the world-wide-web creator not actually works nicely if the user has one theme to settle on. Most of designs and samples by these free web builders are copyright protected and users need to purchase or get a copyright. Watermark and design required enhancements is also a problem faced by the users.
  • Lack of coordination between the builders and the host: Sometimes the hosting companies with which users want to host their website do not work with the website builders that user has selected. So this is another point that should be considered before selecting website builder.
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