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March 12th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

The ability of taking excellent images is a great honour for the photographer but if the photographs are not seen by anyone then, it is the wastage of talent. It is very essential for an excellent photographer to create his own photography website and share his best work with the whole world. Just creating the website is not enough, getting the higher rank on the search engine is equally important.

Online web builders like webstarttoday have made it easy for the photographers to create a website and update it on regular basis without incurring any type of expense. It does not require having any kind of technical or professional knowledge to create a website with the help of online web builders.

To make the photography website successful it is essential to follow some rules and tips.

  • An attractive and intriguing home page

A home page is the only page from where the visitor decides whether he wants to continue further on the same website or move on to the other site. As we all know that the first impression is the last impression. The home page of the photography website must be impressive to covert the visitor in to the buyer. It must contain some informative content so that user may like to do more research on the website.

  • Easy navigation

An easy navigation is really important for the photography website as it enables the visitor to easily find the product or service, he is looking for. The common terms should be used on the WebPages for the ease of the visitors like, home, contact us, blogs, about us etc. If the navigation is bit confusing or the page does not load properly then there are many chances that the visitor leaves the site in a few seconds and would never visit again.

  • Informative and meaningful content

The photography website must contain relevant, informative and meaningful content to keep the visitor engaged and encourage him to see the best work that is done by the photographer. As the photographer can create his website on his own with the help of website builders, it becomes easier for him to edit the website images and content from time to time.

  • An organized website

Nobody likes to see an unorganized work especially in case of a website, it has to be well organized. The main focus of a photography website is on the portfolio photos that must be arranged in different categories. Each photo must contain a description to make it understandable for the user.

  • Call to action

It is important to have a call to action link or button on a photography website. It helps the site visitors to request for a quote or in viewing the portfolio of the photographer. The contact form should be concise and simple.

  • Keep connected

The web design of the photographer website should be integrated with the social networking websites to enable them to stay connected with their fans, visitors and customers. Most of the online web builders like webstarttoday are offering this facility to their users.

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