Small Businesses Web Design Mistakes

February 10th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Launching a website is a crucial process of promoting your small business online. You are required to make every single effort to turn the visitors of your website into your potential customers. The bad news is that if you end up making even the minute mistakes in the web design of your website, you can lose a huge amount of money and may even end up getting bankrupt and having to seal your business completely. Therefore, it is important to mention the mistakes that are made over and over again by a number of small businesses as far as the web design is concerned. Some of such mistakes which are to be avoided are mentioned below:


More than often, the owners of the small businesses are seen in a hurry to launch their websites. However, it is worth mentioning here that before going live with your website, it is essential to make an extensive research into the kind of audience you will be targeting and then design your website accordingly. For example, if you have a product to offer in which old people are going to be more interested, you better put the font of your website larger. Similarly, if you are targeting the youth, the mobile and smart devices compatibility of your website is a must.

Flashy Look:-

It is to be kept in mind that the primary target of a website design is to market your product. Therefore, making a flashy or busy website won’t help since it may attract the users into opening your website in the beginning, but soon enough, they’d find it difficult to navigate through it and hence, end up closing your website and looking for a different one. Furthermore, it goes without saying that such flashy websites are almost impossible to be used with the mobile phone or smart devices which are mostly used by the youngsters to visit certain websites these days.

Call To Action:-

One of the major mistakes made by small business as far as the websites are concerned is that there is no specific call to action that lets the visitor or the potential customer know what the next step is. Once the visitor has landed on your page, your content should be self-explanatory that explicitly determines why is your product or service important for the customer and what does he has to do next? Does he has to buy your product, subscribe to your service or what?


Two of the major disasters that you can get involved into as far as your business website is concerned is paying too less or paying too much for something. More than often, small businesses are seen hiring the cheap web designers which end up making the poor decisions and hence, an unbearably poor product. On the other hand, you do also have to make sure that you are not stepping out of your budget while paying an expert to design your website either. Always go for something that is suitable, both in terms of looks and feel for your business as well as your budget.

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