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January 21st, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

One has to be very careful while choosing the website builder for making his website because it is the way of presenting the products and services to the public in general and it is very essential that the website should be completed by all means. Web site plays an important role in the popularity of the business nowadays, so it is important to set criteria while selecting the web hosting for the website.


Due to the presence of the various website builders in the market, there is a huge competition that leads to the competitive prices and better features offered. The platform of webstarttoday is constantly improving its CMS usability by developing the new widgets and improving the designs to create a professional website.


Following features makes it the best website maker

1.      Specialized designs

The first thing that can be easily seen by any user is the specialization of the main page or the landing page. The website builder only provides the option to create the websites, but to add the creativity in creating a masterpiece, it all depends upon the user. The user must be aware about, what he wants from the website he is going to create. After signed in on the webstarttoday the user can select the themes and the design according to the requirement of the business. There is a huge list of professionally designed templates available on the website and the user simply has to select the best that suits to his requirement.

2.      Easy to use

Webstarttoday is easy to understand and easy to use. It works on the WYSIWYG principle which means what you see is what you get. The user can see his website before going live and can edit also with the help of both HTML and visual editors. There are two types of panels that are offered by the webstarttoday for the ease of the user.

  • Manage pages
  • WYSIWYG editor panel

The user can view, edit, add and change the settings of the web pages and can also edit the content of the website.

3.      Customer support

The stronger side of this website builder is the customer support. One can easily access their help centre or can go to their FAQ page to clarify their queries. To get started, the user can also watch their introduction video to make the process easy and the option of live support is also available on the webstarttoday. By this platform one can also hire a professional designer or content writer to create the website.

4.      Cost effectiveness

Cost plays an important role in any business. Using this platform of webstarttoday one can also create the website for free with the help of their sub domain. In case the user wants to move the website on the top level domain then this facility is also available at a very reasonable price.


As the best website maker, it perfectly caters to the needs of its users by creating a decent business website without having any technical knowledge


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