Tips on building a good photography website

February 20th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

It is very essential for the photographers to build a website in order to take their photography profession or hobby to the next level. To become a successful photographer, it is important that people take him seriously and without a professional website with samples of his photography, it is not possible. Most of the photographers have understood this concept but what is important to know is the way in which the photography website has to be built.

According to some people, creating a website is a difficult task and requires technical as well as professional knowledge, but website builders have made it easy for a layman also. But still creating a photography website is a serious challenge for many photographers.

The myth of “hiring a Web designer”

Some people think that hiring e web designer will solve all their problems related to the website, but it is not like that. Creating the website is only 10% of what it takes to have a profitable and successful website. The web designer creates a website but cannot update it regularly and it is also very costly for the business owner to pay for the web designer continuously.

Following are the steps for having a successful photography website

  • The first and foremost step that must be taken before starting building a website with the help of website builders is to look  at the competitor’s website to get an idea. He should clearly observe the layouts, designs and color schemes.
  • In the next step he must think of the type of the website he wants to create. He must add something to the website that is in the interest of its potential clients, otherwise his website is a failure.
  • He must consider the features offered by the website builders. Like the photo galleries, blogs and website information. The website created must be a simple website to make it successful. Most of the photographers prefer to have a website that includes the features like rating of the photographs, adding comments to the photos, downloading the purchased photographs.
  • After finalizing all the ideas and thoughts, he may now proceed to start his own photography website.

Important points to remember in creating a professional website

  • A good domain name: A good domain name  is the one that is short and relevant to the business or profession i.e. The name must reflect the profession of the website owner or the products and services he is selling on his website.
  • Keyword focused: The Photography website must be keyword based, i.e. the visitor on the website must be able to find the required photograph or content by searching with the keyword. Making the website keyword based also helps in getting the rank higher on the search engine.
  • Good website design: The website must contain a good website design and most of the website builders these days are offering this type of features on their websites for the ease of its customers. An appealing home page of a photography website with a photo gallery can attract the visitors on the site and converting them into the clients.
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