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November 13th, 2013 By Super Admin | comment

Having your own website has become a necessity in this era of information revolution for any business house. The web media is so powerful and cost effective that in matter of a few minutes, you can reach millions of users in order to communicate your social or business messages and ideas.

So don’t delay further and get your own website with WebStartToday absolutely free! Wondering when there are thousands of other free service providers then why should you choose WebStartToday? Well, we help you create your free website swiftly even a layman can use our efficient and easy-to-use web builder. Thousand of Designs are available and no coding is required to make your website go live . Moreover, we also support you with other services such as domains, web stores, mobile and stellar support, which help you running your site without any trouble.

Here are five vital tips that will help you create your free website quickly and with ease:

1. Register with WebStartToday

To start creating your site, just click at the ‘Start Now – It’s Free” option and enter your E-mail address. However, you may also sign up using your Facebook or Google login. Once logged in, you have a huge world of endless applications to choose from.

2. Select a design

The next step is to choose an attractive design specific to your business type. There are hundreds of spectacular designs available on so choose a design and color theme that suits the brand image of your business and start customizing with the simplest ever web building tool in no time.

3. Customize

Here, you can quickly tailor your content with pre-designed industry specific content when you create your free website. So make some changes in the template that suit your business objectives and you are all set to go live in just a few minutes. You can easily manage your web pages, change images, insert your business logo and other multimedia, and see your professional website ready within few minutes.

4. Choose a domain name

The fourth step involves choosing a meaningful domain name. Pick a name that correlates the business type or objective of your business. Select a name carefully because your goodwill will be attached to the first name of your site and hence changing the name later would not be a good option.

5. Publish

Now when your site is complete with all designs and content, the only task pending is to get it published. At webstarttoday, you have many flexible billing plans matching your budget, so select a plan according to your need and budget and see it live.

Wasn’t that easy to create a free website with WebStartToday?

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