Top 5 Web Design Blunders

Top 5 Web Design Blunders

October 14th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

Responsive/mobile designs, flat designs and recently, material design by Google, trends keep coming and going especially in a fast-paced world of web designs. This doesn’t mean at all that you can afford to ignore them, but what it means is, there is something common, worth holding on to and when these common slip-ups happen, even a congenially stunning web design can break and ward off  customers. So here are some top blunders to stay away from:

 Color & Contrast

Something that loses out to make it to the top priority while building a web design are colors & contrast. Not just these help in creating a visual interest but that’s what holds on to customer and makes them read too. Make sure your colors match the brand identity, product style and statement and the contrast between background and text makes it easy to read. You can try any of our DIY template and explore the world of perfect web designs.


Certainly one of the most important and most neglected one too. And if you planning to build or already have an eStore than this is where your focus needs to be. Common mistakes here include confusing or no links at all, and sometimes poorly worded or hidden links. Make sure web design answers 3 simple questions:

  • Where you are currently?
  • How to move to next step?
  • How to go back to Homepage?

That’s why all our websites come with easy and automatic to set sitemaps.


Make sure you back your web designs with a strong backbone, after all that’s what is going to hold it all together―technology. While a great design is the solution, but to implement and execute that solution in a way that reaches the customer and makes the right impact, smart technology is what we need and make sure of. And did we mention, we do cloud hosting and we have a range of HTML5 and CSS3 websites.


Copy includes all the content imbibed in the website. While visual imagery, graphics, and colors grab the eyeballs but it takes a well structures, organized and unique copy to hold on and make them take an action. Customers usually have a habit to first scan/ skim through the copy, make sure everything is apt and to the point, just like Web Start Today, pre-imbibed content.


Now here’s the key to make or break it.  Make sure your web design is in consistence with other assets, be it physical or digital. Everything needs to talk, say, and present in the same manner, in the same language and tone; and bring the whole package together as one, strong brand identity.

Web Design is an art and science too; and only the right amalgamation of two can give you a perfect website. We suggest to keep it simple and elegant just like Web Start Today designs.

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