Ugly Truth About Small Business Websites Builder Industry

November 27th, 2012 By Super Admin | comment

If you’ve ever tried to put together small business websites, you’ve probably come across an ad banner screaming at you to host your site – for as little as one cent per month.

We hope your first thought was “yeah, right.”

Sadly, that’s the state of affairs across much of the website building industry – you have all sorts of businesses out there promising you everything from free tools to high SEO rankings without any cost to you. Doesn’t the whole thing strike you as a little “too good to be true”?

It usually is.

That doesn’t mean that all small business websites need to be low quality and high cost. You just need a one-stop shop for website building that provides quality without charging prohibitive prices.

The problem for most small businesses is that every website building project has five key players:

  1. The Customer
  2. The Graphic Designer or Template Seller
  3. The Website Programmer/Developer
  4. The Website Hosting Provider
  5. The Search Engine Optimizer

And that’s what many website hosting companies know you need. They know it’s an ordeal when a developer has to add a design to HTML code, which has to be passed on to a hosting system, which has to … well, you get the idea.

As a small business owner, you shouldn’t be managing your small business websites every day – you should be running your business. That’s why it’s important to find a solution for website building that doesn’t require hiring five different people or coordinating eight different “free” but low-quality tools with each other.

So what’s a small business owner to do? Enter Web Start Today, a one-stop solution to get a website with full HTML code and industry-specific content that is search-engine friendly that also includes a and easy-to-use website builder and a rock-solid hosting platform.

Web Start Today helps you avoid what can be time-consuming pitfalls of creating and maintaining a website. You can build and take your website the same day with Web Start Today, leaving you free to run your small business while your small business website works smoothly from beginning to end.

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