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January 29th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

In a digitally awakened world of today, it is essential for any business to have an online presence, a website. And while you have a website, an online brand ambassador reaching out to global customers day-in and out, why not convert these visitors to customers? Web Start Today does exactly that with its swanky Web Shop, DIY ecommerce builder for your business.

Width wise pic with icons of features

Web Shop is a one-stop-ecommerce tool for all the businesses across the industry. From charming the end-customer with 8 different images of product to drag-n drop functionality to sort products, Web Shop has been enticing for both businessman and the end-customer, online shopper. With different themes and display options to choose from, this estore easily complements with your brand identity and allow you to exhibit your products in the way you like. Web Shop also gives you the space, enough to cater the growing demands, to keep on adding more products with added features, anytime, anywhere. Bored of a style, you could also change your store layout and make it look fresher and smarter whenever you please. Adding to its alluring features is option for labels- bestsellers, discounts, etc. Not only you can put discounts but you could set in a timer, number of days you would want to put discount, and leave the rest to Web Shop.

Coming to the hind-side, Web Shop helps you manage your inventory as well. Web Start Today has a centralized, easy to use content manager interface, which assists in effortlessly managing your inventory across the estore. The ecommerce builder also has delivery/shipping setting, allowing you to set variant shipping guidelines for different places/ countries, or even tax rules, to levy tax on the cost according to the place to be shipped. Web Start Today has taken extra care in managing the administrative part, so as to keep Web Shop easy yet smart to work on.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, what you want to sell – physical products or digital, Web Shop promises to help you sell, online.

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