With website maker, it’s really easy to build a website

January 17th, 2014 By Super Admin | comment

What is a website builder?

A website builder is also known as a website creator or website maker. It is actually an online software that allows the user to create a website in an easy and simple way. The best site builders must have “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) interface, it means that any changes or customization made by user to his website show up exactly where he makes it. One of the best things about WYSIWYG is that the user can assume exactly how the website is going to look like after finishing it.

Is it possible to make a unique website with a site creator?

The answer to this question is definitely YES! By using a good site builder, the user can customize his site’s header color scheme, image, layout, background, themes, etc. so that he can create a unique and professional website for his business or any other reason. User can also build a professional website like a wedding website, a photography website, travel site,  academic project or something else as a hobby or for learning the basics of web designing. A site creator is a simple way to turn the idea into a reality on the web, without spending a single penny.

Is it important to know HTML, PHP or coding of any kind to use a website builder?

Of course NOT! It is the beauty of a site builder, to facilitate a user with understandable and easy way to use it. Most of free website creators facilitate user to build a website as easily as he creates documents with Word or enter data in excel. The user needs to spend just a small amount of time with any website builder to understand how simple is the process of making his own website without having any knowledge about CSS, PHP, HTML or some other complex web languages.

Can one add to his website with a site builder?

User can add text, images, photo galleries, videos to his site, with most free website builders. Some of the best and modern site creators also support features like videos, blogs, music, social media widgets, freebies etc. Whereas some site creators even offer for the option of running an online store on the website. User can also make money by selling services and products to his site’s visitors.

How much does a website builder cost?

Some days back, it cost thousands of dollars and months to build a professional website, but now a considerable number of organizations are offering free site makers, and for numerous individuals a free site inventor offers enough characteristics. Depends upon what sort of site, the client needs to construct, he may need to revamp his site to get much more characteristics and a custom area name as well. Most site makers offer diverse plans so both people and small organizations can discover precisely the characteristics they require at a reasonable cost. Most of website creators also provide free domain name and other services like. SEO, rank building, free updating etc. to catch more customers.

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