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Why Register A Domain Name

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Web Start Today has the expertise and experience to guide you how and what domain name you should buy for your business. Web Start Today team is with you throughout the process, aiding you through the nitty-gritties of domain names which most people neglect like, the shorter the better, it should be easier to remember and make sure it connects with your business. Our proficiency doesn’t stop there, we also help you check for your favored domain‘s availability from right here and suggest you other options in case of unavailability.

A domain name is your business’s identity, online; and we make sure to carve out the best for you.

Shop By Extension Type

Industry related domain names and extension

The progress in domain names has now enabled and helped business’s move from generic .com domain names to some industry specifics domain names to make it easier for the customer to understand the line of business right from the domain name, and we can help you get those too.

Right from universally accepted .com, to country specific .us, .uk, to work specific .shoes, .edu , etc., we help you choose the finest for your website. Remember – your domain name is the starting point of your brand building.

Personalized Email With Desired Domain

Email id with desired domain name

So how would you feel if a top brand mails a professional mail to you from its Google Email ID? Or if in a vendor meet, you are about to sign a big consignment and you ask the vendor to share his email ID and he/she shares a Gmail one. Don’t you doubt on the authenticity? Doesn’t it look unprofessional? It does. And it matters.

And to make sure it doesn’t happen with you, we recommend personalized email with desired domain, for instance And with Web Start Today you can make unlimited Email IDs depending on the package you choose.

Purchase. Transfer. Point – Affordably

How to register and transfer domain name

Keeping up with its commitment of providing top-notch online services at affordable price, Web Start Today offers domain name services at a very reasonable price and in case you already own one, we are happy to get it transferred to us.

Web Start Today team makes sure to take care and manage all your Domain Name Services(DNS) including Domain Theft Protection, Domain Forwarding, Domain Pointing, Auto-Renewal and more.

Why Web Start Today

Choose webstarttoday and improve your website traffic and revenue

Web Start Today differentiates itself from its competitors by the quality and quantity of services it promises & fulfills for its customers. You should choose Web Start Today not just because of its premium website builder, but because of superior domain services which include:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Live Support
  • Name Suggestion Tool
  • Free Add-Ons (Domain Theft Protection, Unlimited Contact Updates, Domain Forwarding) And because we can help you with much more than just hosting.


Web Start Today makes sure to accompany you throughout your website domain name journey
and make it a grand success with some exclusive features:

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    24/7 Monitoring

    We keep an eye and monitor speed, uptime & more

  • Domain Locking

    Domain Locking

    Lock your domain to avoid unlawful domain transfer

  • Sub-Domains


    Create sub-domains without any additional fee

  • Full SSL Certificate

    Full SSL Certificate

    For secure connections from a web server to a browser

  • Support Center

    Support Center

    Answers to your queries anytime, every time

  • Auto Renew

    Auto Renew

    Automatic renewal of your domain name

  • DNS Management

    DNS Management

    Manage servers and DNS records online

  • Easy to Maintain

    Easy to Maintain

    Easily manage your domain and site service

Stellar Support to Guide You Impeccably

We are here for you. Whether you are browsing through our website or building your website through Web Start Today builder, we are there to support you. Get instant answers from our extensive knowledge base by going to Help Center or simply type in your query in the floating blue widget.

What is Domain Name?

Your Domain name is a “title”/ “name” of your website. In order to avoid remembering long, incomprehensible link to the IP address of your website, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) came out with an idea of assigning domain names – simple, comprehensive and easy-to remember names. These domain names are unique for every business, no two domain names can be exactly same. And only an expert like Web Start Today can help you get your business website an exclusive, SEO domain name for an influential online presence.

Why are Domain Names important for your web presence?

Needless to explain the importance of web presence in today’s world. It is as important for your business, as to give a good customer support. And domain names is the key for a prominent online presence. Domain Names are an important part of your online branding assets, as these are the names which identify you, your business online. If world wide web is a phonebook than your domain name is the name you are addressed with in that book and it should be easy, smart and in sync with your brand to make your customer remember it and visit it.

Make sure you get the right one, and for that we recommend ourselves, Web Start Today.

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