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Glamorous Web Designs

Glamorous Web Designs

While you may have the best of Stylists and Therapists in your salon but how are people supposed to know unless and until you spend some monthly budget on different costly advertisements. Or maybe you can have a professional website, gleaming and stunning just like your styles or our Hair Salon Website Designs.

Web Start Today offers a range of glamourous hair salon website templates each designed to woo the customers and show off your styling skills. We have a separate gallery where you can show off your latest trends and styles without worrying about the space or bandwidth.

Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage

Apart from perfect display opportunity, the website can be easily managed through a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) based Content Management System (CMS), making it easier even for a novice. You can add, edit, update, or delete any part of your website, all by yourself with no coding required.

Web Start Today makes sure that its not the website building process, but the complete execution, management, and maintenance of the website is easy, simple and affordable. Though we provide 24 hours chat suppport to all our customers, in case required but we try to make is simple and effortless for you.

Optimized for All Major Search Engines

Optimized for All Major Search Engines

What is the point of having a website which doesn’t rank well on search engines? How would your website reach the customers, if it is not visible to them on search engines? How much and for how long can you spend on paid advertisements on search engines? Isn’t it better to rank amongst the top organically?

We think so too! And that’s why all our web designs are designed keeping latest algorithm in mind. We make sure that the designs are a delight to customers and search engine crawlers. They are just perfect!

Technically Charged

Technically Charged

Technology is a strong catalyst for your online visibility, and we try to use the best and the latest. With latest mobile-friendly devices, we offer HTML5 and CSS3 powered sites, which allow your customers to gorge through and book an appointment through their smart device, at the their own convenience.

At Web Start Today, we help you design only great websites, which are no less than a 24*7 sales representative always trying to reach fitting customers and showing only your best. Our expert team with domain expertise will help your work shine through amazing mobile-friendly websites.

Go Live in Minutes!

Let’s go LIVE

So what is the final goal – to build a website and go live. The main motive for every website builder is to reach global customers, and for that the prime need is a Live website. So, while we have dozens of spectacular designs to choose from, we make sure you go live asap too. And its not just going Live but a faster, no downtime website. And for that we host your website on Amazon Cloud, the most reliable.

And to make it better, we help you with your custom domain registration too. Weather it’s a new custom domain requirement, transferring of an existing one or simply pointing to it, Web Start Today caters to every request at priority.

Hair Salon Website Designs

Beautiful yet effective web designs, encouraging customer engagement and interactions across the globe.


Web Start Today is a free online website builder with unlimited storage and bandwidth. To make it super easy and simple for the user, the Content Management System (CMS) is very intuitive and is based on What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) principle (the user can see how the finished work will look like before publishing it). The user can make changes directly to the content of the pages, and edit the settings of the website pages, include SEO must-haves, sitemap, and other page setting, on own without any single code.

To further lure the customers, Web Start Today has a range of professionally designed templates, categorized per industry (72 business specific verticals) with SEO, e-commerce and security features. It also offers HTML5and CSS3 responsive templates, i.e. mobile friendly webdesigns and online stores too.


Apart from great designing abilities, Web Start Today aids you in Amazon cloud hosting and also in your domain registration process. So, in brief, building your site Web Start Today would mean:

  • Easiness – No technical knowledge/coding skills required
  • Freemium Model – Host you website/online store for free for up to an year on our subdomain
  • Help Center – Instant answers to your Questions (and Support)
  • And everything you need to make your website live – domain, SEO, cloud hosting

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