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Designs that set you Apart

Designs that set you Apart

Just like the properties you sell, we design websites that charm, get leads, and sells. We expertise in converting websites, which are alluring to look at and very practical too. Further experience in real estate industry helps us understand the business environment well and serve you with the best and exclusive in the industry.

We have an enormous library of Real Estate Website Designs for you to choose from. While we promote super easy, quick and affordable DIY templates, if need be, a dedicated designer can also help you design your dream website, only at Web Start Today.

Effortless Administration

Trouble-free Management

We understand your industry, we acknowledge the time, effort, and attention it demands. And so we made sure to add no more to your to-do list. Build your dream website and manage it too, effortlessly. You don’t need to be a geek, or join a technical coding classes for this, without a single code, Web Start Today allows you to edit, update, delete or do whatever amendments you plan to do to your site in no time.

At Web Start Today, customer ease is of prime importance and that’s what we apply to all our work, our web designs.

Search Engine Optimized

Search Engine Optimized

Yes, we do it too. We understand how it is important to rank high on search engines or in other words, it makes no sense to have a website which doesn’t rank on search engines, hence, all our designs are created keeping search engine trends in mind. We do have Google certified experts in our team, who keep themselves abreast with the latest in the technology and design and make sure that the same has been incorporated in the web designs.

We understand your needs and make sure to imbibe every need into our web designs.

Technically Sturdy

Technically Sturdy

Its not just beautiful web designs, but intelligent too. The world is moving and technology is helping it move, explore, and yet knitt together. And to move at the same pace, aiding you serve your customers with just the best, Web Start Today brings to you the perfect amalgamation of designing and technology.

To name a few, for the digitally advanced customer, we have a set of mobile-friendly, responsive websites which makes sure your website adjusts and looks great on every screen or device. These web designs are powered by powerful HTML5 and CSS3, yet need no technical skills for you to manage.

Launch Instantly

Launch Instantaneously

Lets assume, you chose your template and got it customized too, now what? How about going live? Unlike others, it just takes few minutes to go live with Web Start Today. We hate to hold you back from your exclusive online presence and that’s the reason we offer Amazon cloud hosting, promising 99% up-time and smooth domain registration services too.

In case you already have a personal domain, you can easily transfer or point to it, or a get a new, custom domain name from here, right away. And in case you don’t want, host it on our sub domain for FREE.

Premium Real Estate Website Designs

Web Start Today’s years of industry experience and heart-winning, exclusive real estate website designs to help you stand bright and high in the industry.


Websites are a great asset to any business, provided they have been designed and utilized in the right way. Allow us to share some tips for a successful Real Estate Websites:

  • Focus: Rather then making a generic website, catering everyone on the planet, we suggest to be specific. Set you target audience, your niche and focus and set your website accordingly. It’s like whom do you prefer when you catch cold? A general physician or an ENT? The world has moved from generalization to specialization and so should you.
  • Content: Ok we have said this numerous times but yet one more time, Content is the King. Make it comprehensible, knowledgable yet not too geeky or sophisticated. The tone and style should be easy to eye and brain, it should make a connect and feel as if you are speaking to them live rather than a plain text.
  • FAQs: Most people think its waste of time, effort and space but for industry like Real Estate, it is a must. Prospects have various doubts about you, your services, how thing move forward at your end, and many more., they are quite similar for almost all the prospects, try and answer all these queries in FAQ section. Make it easier for them.
  • Call-to-action: Now that’s what we all want to be clicked, acted upon. While we want the maximum information we can get but lets play with human psychology here. Its human nature to resist. Ask them to do a thing and they would resist, and if you give them an option with no special emphasis, they would love to explore. Try the same thing here, ask them for the information in the form but don’t make it mandatory.
  • Prompt Revert: Let them know you care and you hear, whatever they have to say. Prompt an instant Thank You message if they share their information. Try and respond to their queries asap, and if takes time, then atleast acknowledge their message. It makes a difference!

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