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It doesn’t matter if you are a technology novice, inexperienced or running low on investment, till the time you are passionate about the work and ready to give out the best, Web Start Today gives you, everyone from a housewife to student, an opportunity to become an entrepreneur and design websites using Web Start Today DIY website builder reseller program.

Attract new clients, businesses looking for smart websites, mobile websites or ecommerce sites and design websites for them, using our tools. And in addition to the revenue you earn from your customers, Web Start Today also promises a tempting commission on every website built with us.

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All it takes to earn extra money and happier clients through Web Start Today’s reseller program are three simple steps, and you could be one of our reseller too, in no time.

Step 1. Sign up to the Web Start Today as a reseller,
Step 2. Share your business information, and
Step 3. Give us a day or two to review and revert back to you with an approval and be part of our best website builder reseller program.

Not just the sign up process, Web Start Today makes sure to keep the whole website building process, swift and simple for all its partners & resellers.

Web Start Today ROI Calculator

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Web Start Today has a fixed commission percentage for every web asset that we design and help you build for your clients. We suggest you to plan your marketing efforts efficiently to earn the maximum out of your endeavors.

Use our ROI calculator to foresee your growth potential with Web Start Today

Competitive Pricing & Commission

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Apart from being a leading website builder, Web Start Today offers competitive reseller program too. While the industry norms stay at 20-30%, Web Start Today pays out up to 50% of retail cost to its resellers. And not to forget, Web Start Today is one of the most affordable website builder, which means low-cost, low- investment.

And in addition to that, unlike our competitors, your margins, profits are yours. As you keep on increasing your customer base, start making more and more websites, mobile websites, Online Shops with Web Start Today, your cost remains same, yet your profits keeps on increasing. As your effort increases, your profit swells.

Integrated Marketing Solution

Build a free website and make a reseller

Web Start Today not just promises a great DIY website builder reseller program that is highly rewarding and easy-to manage but we also help you build relationships with your customer through simple yet powerful campaign management tool. An effective email blast tool, with real-time analytics to evaluate email and campaign performance in a single window.

Features like “Instant Website” helps you attract an end-customer by instantly designing and showcasing a preview of their unique business website without really designing one. The tool can be easily imbibed in the e-mailer and on a simple click, a smart preview, real-time website is shown to daze the customer. The tool gives you the flexibility to share up to three unique sample designs per sender.

Why Web Start Today


Web Start Today out rightly surpass its competitors in terms of features offered, cost and customer support to make you, your business stand tall & smart on the world wide web. We offer:

  • Best Payouts
  • Reseller Co-branded website
  • Quick & Easy Customization
  • No Coding
  • Mobile Optimized Designs
  • Google Friendly Sites
  • Cloud Hosting
  • 24/7 Monitoring

And Everything you need to make your website live.


Web Start Today offers top-notch features that you would need to excel in your online business

  • Manage all website from a single dashboard

    Multi-Website Management

    Manage all your sites, commissions from a single window

  • Join our affiliate program today

    White Labelling

    Re-brand the website you design as one of yours

  • Make a website in Html 5

    Premium Tools

    HTML5 designs, online shop, domain name & more

  • Professional Forum Support

    Priority Support

    You are important to us, you are our priority

  • Earn till the time your customer’s website is Live

    Deal for Life

    Earn till the time your customer’s website is Live

  • reseller-feature-img6

    Knowledge Base

    Guide your clients with knowledgebase shaped by experts

  • Make as many website from a single reseller account

    Unlimited Websites

    Make as many sites as you wish from a single account

  • Fix profit and pricing

    Set your own Price

    Liberty to fix your own pricing & profit margins

Stellar Support to Guide You Impeccably

We are here for you. Whether you are browsing through our website or building your website through Web Start Today builder, we are there to support you. Get instant answers from our extensive knowledge base by going to Help Center or simply type in your query in the floating blue widget.

What is a reseller program?

Web Start Today offers one of the best website builder reseller programs in the industry. The program allows anyone to everyone, right from a talented housewife, who wishes to grow within the walls of the house to a smart student, who wishes to earn some experience and money, an opportunity to build up their own business of creating stunning websites on Web Start Today’s DIY website builder.

The DIY website reseller program allows even a technology neophyte to make great responsive web designs or even Ecommerce sites for their customers using Web Start Today reseller website builder in no time. And in return, the reseller not only gets paid from the client but is also rewarded a handsome commission by Web Start Today.

What can Web Start Today’s reseller program do for me?

Web Start Today’s reseller program is quite different from other reseller programs offered in the industry. For instance, Web Start Today also helps you market your reseller website builder through engaging marketing tools. We also share a brief knowledge base created by experts with all our resellers, which can be custom branded and used by our resellers to guide/ help their clients.

And being one the most affordable website builders, our resellers can easily hike their price and still sell elegantly designed, technologically smart websites at a competitive, low-price to their customers and earn a good profit for themselves.

For Web Start Today, resellers are part of its business, and for a smooth business, we make sure you progress, your business flourishes.

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