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A great cooked meal is not just which tastes good but one which pleases all the 5 senses, smell, taste, look, feel and hear. And at Web Start Today with years of experience, we try and get the same satiation through our restaurant website templates; website that works for you, the way you work for your business.

Our restaurant website templates are specially designed by industry connoisseurs who have been in the industry and have aided it grow to a digitally charged business with online orders, bookings, and promotions.

Effortless Management

Easy to use website

We promise to allow you to spend more time serving your customers and very minimal time updating the website. Our easy-to-use website builder allows you to edit, update, load images, and update your menus, all by yourself, without any coding. We make sure that you are independent enough to make all the required updates anytime, anywhere, without any hassles.

And in case required, our support is there to help you through Help Center and Live Chat.

Search Engine Optimized

Make a website according to search engine

We don’t want you to miss on any opportunity, and so we have our SEO expert’s team guiding you with the best and latest optimization techniques. Aiding your restaurant website in getting listed on top of search engine ranks.

You could further integrate your social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and their likes, pre-bookings, and more to comfort and reach out to your customer base all over.

Smartly Built

Website built in Html 5 & CSS

Our range of food website designs are built on latest technology. In addition to stellar design and compelling content, our restaurant website templates come loaded with world-class features including Responsive web designs, which makes your restaurant look good on every screen such as Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or a Smartphone.

We help you create a restaurant website which is technology charged for times to come.

It’s Expeditious

Make a website with webstarttoday and launch instantly

Just a few seconds to sign-up with us, and then a little more to add your logo and import required information, photographs, menus, and you are good to go Live. Our ready to use Restaurant website designs come with sample content as well, which you could choose to use to update to your specific culinary arts.

So all it takes is your few minutes, and your Website for Restaurant is Live.

Exclusive Restaurant Website Templates to Choose From

Making exceptional designs and modern technology available to all restaurants and café.


Digitization has made it necessary for every business owner to own a website regardless of the business kind. We understand, amongst designing, hosting and updating a website, it can get complicated and expensive but not when you have us, Web Start Today.

Some key pointers to create a restaurant website include:

  • Responsive: It is a digital age. Make sure your website looks great on every screen. Choose from a range of restaurant website templates designs.
  • Enticing Design: Sometimes images are better than a thousand words. Add some pictures of your specialty delectable.
  • Content: Make sure you don’t forget to attract the visitor with your sumptuous Menu items, other culinary details.
  • Domain: Having a unique domain name adds to your online credibility. We can help you with this.
  • Go Live.

With years of experience in designing mouthwatering websites, Web Start Today experts help you list some of the must do(s) while designing restaurant & food websites:

  • Food: After all that’s what we made the website for. Make sure to add some exquisite images of the delicacy to make your visitor craving for the same.
  • Ambience: It makes a lot of difference. We would suggest you adding some pictures of your restaurant’s ambience. Let them know, how you make the whole experience of eating out so wonderful.
  • Special Something: So what’s your restaurant’s specialty? Advertise it here. Add images, content, make it large.
  • Basics: While all above adds to your credibility, but what forms the basis is the menu, the heart of every restaurant website. Let them know what you serve. Allow them to book a table.
  • Optimization: Make sure your website is optimized, intuitive and easy-to navigate.

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