Digital Design

Digital design permeates many aspects of our everyday lives, even if we may not actually be aware of it. Nearly every product around us has been involved in some element of digital design development at some point, whether this may have been design plans at the initial idea conception or the look and feel of the final product and the way it is marketed. Anything that involves the use of web design, digital imaging or 3D modelling relies on digital design.

Why Has Digital Design Become So Important?
Technology has advanced so rapidly over time that digital design is a much more streamlined process these days than in the past. As more people take improvements in technology and innovations for granted, digital design has become an increasingly important area. Many designers now require multi-faceted skills to be able to make use of a range of software solutions that can develop, enhance and create the most innovative digital design solutions. The global dominance of the internet and the rise of smartphones and tablets have also placed increased pressure on optimizing digital design services to ensure companies are presenting and communicating about themselves in the most effective way.

At Web Start Today, we create new digitally designed websites. Our one guiding principle is elegant simplicity.

We offers a variety of services to our clients — think of us as your own creative department. From simple to complex product, Web Start Today works to create exciting creative content to help you achieve your goals. And by offering web design, we completely integrate your efforts through all mediums of communication to reinforce your business identity.

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Branding & Logo Design

Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles that together, form a perceived image for a business or product.

It doesn’t take a genius to spot a bad website. Even for someone who is unable to spot the technical malfunctions and specific elements deteriorating a sites’ quality, a user will immediately get a feel for whether or not a site is of good quality or not. If your design gives off this impression it can have extremely detrimental effects on your brand.

Therefore, make sure your site reflects your brand.

This doesn’t necessarily just mean reflecting the brand in the aesthetic design, i.e. colour, logo etc. But within the infrastructure and set up of the site also. Imagine going to the Apple site – A brand focused on simplicity and beautiful aesthetics – and finding a site with confusing navigation and ugly typography. It wouldn’t exactly give you the best impression of their brand would it!

So consider your core brand values and make sure these are reflected within every aspect of your website to ensure your online brand image is not damaged.

How Web Start Today help you do that?
We work closely with our clients on each project to create not only an amazing design that will help the business grow, but to create a long term relationship of trust and caring. We are a highly focused and driven agency that focuses on design projects that we are passionate about working on.

Our Branding Process creates highly recognizable logos and brand identities.

We try out different variations with the logo design until you are completely satisfied. Your logo is one of the most visible elements of your business, and you need to feel a sense of pride each time you see it, and that is what we are delivering you with. We make your logo, the visual symbol of your brand. We let it encapsulate your identity and create a sense of trust and familiarity in the minds of your audience.

You and your business are unique. We can help convey what makes your business stand apart by creating a logo that defines your company and branding it accordingly.

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Broucher/ Stationary/ Business Card

Business cards, letterhead and envelopes are often the first line of exposure your company has with potential clients. Business cards act as the primary and most economical leave behind item, making a statement about your company long after you have left. Business cards are also often used as reference cards for business contacts, and because of this it is important that your card not only incorporate the look and feel of your company, but also show the professionalism level you wish to convey. Whether you are marketing a service or a full line of merchandise, brochures and catalogues can help convey a well-rounded complete marketing strategy that puts your business into the hands of your clients! Print media that is synced with your online image is one of the best ways to create brand recognition.

Web Start Today can create designs that work with your established branding, marketing materials as well as web designs. Using the tools of Corporate Branding, Logos, and Web Design we create marketing materials that not only make an impact, but that are seamlessly integrated to provide an image that stays with your clients.

Whether you need custom signage for your existing business or a whole new branding/image with signage and stationary for your new venture, our creative design staff can jump in at any stage of your project. Virtually any printed material can be designed with your logo and branding or our creative design department can create a whole new look logo/identity/brand to update your existing image or start you on your new venture.

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Illustration is one of the most important parts of any design. Whether you’re looking for a small logo for your new business, an image for a magazine spread, or 100 pages of detailed designs for a science textbook, you need access to affordable illustration services that can meet your design needs.

Our minds react differently to visual stimuli because the human brain deciphers image elements instantly. Studies tell us that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, and when it comes to designing a creative and visually appealing website design, illustrations prove to be a very versatile tool and can be used in a number of ways in a design. In fact, illustrations can be implemented in a wide variety in web designs.
One of the best things about using illustrations in a web design is that it serves a dual purpose. First, it beautifies, and second, it clarifies. Illustrations provide visual features that not only ‘explain’ but also ‘decorate’.

That’s what you get with Web Start Today. We are providers of illustration and design services, which are able to transform any idea into a detailed and flawless design piece. Our illustration services are geared up for anything and everything.

We can create detailed, accurate computer artwork or creative and imaginary designs, and we know how to adapt our designs to meet your printing and display needs.

Why/ how, we use illustration in the website design?

  • Story Telling – Human nature has always been attracted to storytelling, whether it’s descriptively or visually. In our case, illustration is a go-to style for visual storytelling. Viewers connect with illustrated narratives faster and more easily. The visual medium makes it easier for viewers to grasp and relate to problems and solutions in a story; the designer plays an even greater role in portraying the plot-lines with clarity.
  • Fantasy and engaging the imagination – Rules and facts can easily bend or change through illustration in order to present the designer’s point of view better. Viewers love to travel through a world and perspective fantasized by someone else, so long as it is visually accessible.
  • Personas, Characters and Mascots – The use of mascots goes back, before websites were popular. In advertising, since many years ago, using animals or cartoon characters have been very useful in establishing a brand for continued attention. In websites, the personas and mascots can play even stronger roles. They can be memorized or remembered as an icon and easily understood for what they represent (either an action or a brand).
  • Various Styles of Illustration: 3D Illustration, Photo-Manipulation and Sketching – The various styles of illustrations that can be used are very wide, ranging from 3D to photo-manipulation to sketching.
  • Illustration as Data, Infographic, Instruction and Iconic Action – One of the biggest demands in infographics these days is to convey dry and boring data, graphs, and information via visualized formats.
  • Illustration as Pattern or Background or Decorative UI – There are sites that don’t use full illustrations but would like their help in some UI elements, background or decorative patterns.
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Great Strategy

While it is extremely indispensable to have a website for your business to grow but at the same time, it is better to have “NO” website than to have a bad one. Web Start Today is a team of enthusiastic people who are passionate about their work and believe in exploring new, better ways to design every time. Desire to discover every new challenge, drives us.

Thank you. Happy browsing!